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It is a joy to look at and to touch. The X10 has an internal diversity antenna that some have reported gives even better range than the external antenna. It also saves you the worry of breaking off your antenna and makes it easier to store and transport the radio. The big screen on the X10 significantly improves the usability of OpenTX. You can customize the main screen on the X10 with specific "widgets" so that you see exactly what you want to see when you glance down.

Although the radio is beautiful, its ergonomics, to me, are worse than the X9D. I find the X9D to be more comfortable to hold. The sticks on the X10 also feel little further inward from the edge of the radio, so that it feels like my fingers have to reach just a bit more than on the X9D.

The angular shape of the radio means that the switches are not placed exactly where your fingers naturally land. Finally, battery life on the X10 is shorter, probably because of its huge, beautiful screen. If you buy an X10, I can pretty much guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. This is a really, really good radio.

The question isn't whether the X10 will make you happy: it will. The question is just whether an X9D would make you just as happy, and keep a fair chunk of cash in your pocket. There are lots of long-range control systems out there, so why have I singled out Crossfire for its own category on this List? Because Team Blacksheep is the first to have created a whole system that is robust, reliable, and relatively easy to use.

They've even made a tiny little receiver specifically for us FPV racing and freestyle pilots! Crossfire operates around MHz, which means it has much MUCH longer range and better penetration than the 2. Even if you don't intend to do long-range flights, the reliability and security of the Crossfire link gives you confidence to fly places you never would have dared. The real surprise is that racing pilots are also flocking to Crossfire. They hardly need long range. It turns out Crossfire also has ultra-low latency, for the most responsive, connected feel. If you're just getting started in this hobby and are having a bit of sticker shock, let me make this easy for you: you don't need Crossfire.

If you've got the budget and you want an awesome combination of range, responsiveness, and ease of use Crossfire is what you'll buy. If you want to learn more about what Crossfire is, I've got an introductory video here. It fits easily into the JR module bay of your transmitter.

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Here is what would make you want to buy the full-sized Crossfire module, which goes up to 2 watts. If you plan to do long-range flights with customized video equipment. If you are willing to pay a bit more for the assurance that you really, really will have the most solid link possible.

If you have a Spektrum radio which doesn't have a JR module bay, and so requires the full-size module. If you prefer to use the joystick and LED screen on the back of the module instead of a "Lua Script" running inside your radio. If you have a Taranis QX7 or Horus X10, you won't be able to make full use of the Micro TX module unless you open up the radio and perform a difficult soldering modification.

The full-size module avoids this, and is preferred by some owners of QX7 and X10 radios for this reason. There are two Crossfire receivers that are likely to be used on a multirotor. The Micro receiver has a plug-in header. The Nano receiver requires the wires to be soldered on or you can solder in pin headers if you prefer. The functionality and performance of both is identical, just one is smaller and lighter than the other. The price is even the same! Buy the Nano receiver, unless it's out of stock, in which case buy the Micro receiver if you can't wait.

The Micro is still pretty small, and will work fine in all but the tightest builds. Purchase at GetFPV. And like all LiPos, it will hold its charge in storage for So you don't need to worry about topping off every single time you go fly. I go weeks at a time without ever topping off my Taranis. If you use this battery, you'll need to adjust the battery scale in your Taranis to match the LiPo chemistry.

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I use If the stock NiMh battery has one advantage, it's that you can charge it simply by plugging in the charger to the side of the Taranis. The Lithium battery must be balance charged every time, and you can't do that through the barrel jack on the side of the Taranis. I like to charge this battery with the SkyRC B3 charger.

The advantage of this charger is that it charges directly through the balance plug on the battery. You don't even need to un-plug the battery from the Taranis to charge it. Purchase at RaceDayQuads. If you've purchased the QX7 instead of the X9D, this is the battery you'll want to use. It fits neatly into the battery bay on the QX7 and significantly extends its life.

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It's a 2S LiPo, so I recommend using 8. Purchase at Banggood Purchase at Amazon. These colored switch nuts are an easy way to add a little personalization and bling to your radio. Pay attention: the low-profile ones are for face-plate switches while the taller ones are for the shoulder switches.

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The nuts come with a specialized wrench for tightening them. Purchase at Banggood.

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These are more than just a way to make your radio look great. They're also nicer to touch than the bare metal, and give a slightly more positive grip. Purchase at Amazon Purchase at Banggood.

I6 Phones Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals | Get Cheap I6 Phones from

This stand attaches easily to the carry handle of your Taranis. It folds flat when not in use, and folds out to hold the Taranis at an angle when you set it down. This is especially useful if you have a big external antenna or if you have a full-size Crossfire module attached to the back of your radio.

Purchase at NewBeeDrone. I get super excited when I see a small thing done really well, in a way that I never knew I needed. That's why I really flipped out with joy when I first saw this neck-strap. Here's what it does so well: it's got a releasable clip so you can put your radio down without taking the strap off from around your neck. It's a tiny thing, but it makes a HUGE difference.

Could you be tempted into buying an iPhone clone, or do you prefer to pack a handset that's unashamedly Android? Source: Fast Card Tech. Since it is running Android and if you want it to actually have full Android all you have to do is install Nova Launcher and a Lockscreen Launcher. Alternatively you could buy yourself a Goophone i6 running on Android 4. Seen them available via eBay. Never had one myself, never heard of Sophone neither. Currently happy with Motorola. Yep, the Goophone is another option if you're in the market for an iPhone wannabe.

It seems there are more and more clones popping up!

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