I lost my ebay coupon


  1. October 7, 2015
  2. WAR Mythic Edition "compensation" coupon from eBay is 20$
  3. Ebay $20 Coupon when you sell in Video Games & Console Category Totaling $50+ YMMV
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October 7, 2015

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WAR Mythic Edition "compensation" coupon from eBay is 20$

Paypal Coupon Code October Someone said they called and got the refund, someone else said they tried and we're denied. My payment did not go through so I get nothing even though I had reached the confirmation page. Thanks, WOTC. Same here. I find this especially frustrating, since WotC said "buy at ", and that's when I was there.

Same thing happened to me. PayPal timed out when I was checking out at like And nothing at all from that transaction from any of them. Although I usually try to contain my sense of entitlement, and certainly disagree with some of the posts I'm seeing here, I admit that I'm also feeling rather off about this. It's absolutely not because I feel like they "should sell me the box" because everyone wanted it.

It's also not because it's somehow "their" fault for messing up the Ebay situation.

Ebay $20 Coupon when you sell in Video Games & Console Category Totaling $50+ YMMV

What is irking me so much is that all of us received actual confirmations and had money withdrawn from our accounts, only to have that turned back. I'd have been annoyed, perhaps upset, if I would've been too late because of a glitchy site. But like a lot of releases of premium stuff, that happens. Festivaltickets anyone? But receiving an actual confirmation and money transfer, does make it feel genuinely "unfair", if that's even a thing in this situation.

eBay Coupon 25% Off | October

Yes, only boxes are shipped to "lucky" buyers, which is fine. But confirming and collecting money, that's a different ballgame. Yes, only boxes are shipped to "lucky" buyer. Then they went ahead to say something along the lines of "all completed boxes will be honored".

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What you are describing is most certainly completed, only thing missing is the box in your hands. That's the one that got me.

Get the latest 2016 coupon and promo codes

Obviously the second part of that sentence made no sense I know some will think I am being entitled but for over a day I thought I had this product and was super excited. This is not the same as me just missing out.

Here I am going to be genuinely pissed though unless the compensation is truly great. Truthfully I think they should give everyone the 8 walkers even if it needs to be something like non-foil versions to maintain some exclusivity for the real mythic edition.

eBay Coupon & Promo Codes

To get those walkers I thought I had will cost me waaaaaay more than that. What has me slightly irked is that for the first ME when the demand was huge they said to themselves, wow we really should try to make sure as many people as possible get one, and the emailed all the attempted buyers to sell them 1. I'm guessing ebay didn't really care and mostly sold 6k people 12k boxes, instead of letting everyone get a little. Cake Day.

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